Secure Start is a service that demonstrates excellence in stoma care nursing.

Secure Start is a community care pathway that aims to promote excellence in stoma care by delivering a high quality service and in turn a positive experience for patients. By measuring the effectiveness of care, rates of prescribing and overall service cost, Secure Start is able to demonstrate efficacy.

Secure Start as featured in the December 2014 edition of the British Journal of Nursing

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The Secure Start pathway is divided into 4 phases.

1. Pre-operative care

Secure Start's structured programme of patient support enables informed decision making and improved experience of care, potentially reducing hospital stay.

2. In hospital

Secure Start works in collaboration with current acute nursing best practice, providing education and support to facilitate early self care.

3. Returning home

Secure Start provides a structured return home plan, with early home visits and telephone contact. These help prevent potential problems early, eliminating additional cost at source.

4. Living with a stoma

Secure Start's ongoing patient follow up at 3, 6 and 12 months (annually thereafter) helps ensure continued best practice as the patients' needs evolve.