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Hollister is committed to protecting your privacy. With the information you provide us, we can serve you better. You can trust that Hollister will use industry standards to keep your information private. You may update your information and restrict our use of it.

Information Collected and Uses
The information that Hollister collects is to better serve you, the customer. The information is collected, for example, through our website, mail, e-mail, and over the phone. We collect, maintain, and use the information that you have provided us for your orders, inquiries, and promotional offers or to receive product information. Only Hollister, our affiliates, and our business partners have access to your personal information.

Data Sharing
Hollister will not sell or rent your personal information without your consent. Hollister may share your personal information with our affiliates and our business partners.

Opt Out Policy
If you do not wish to be contacted or do not wish to receive information from us, you can opt out. This can be done through mail, e-mail, or telephone. If you do not specify that you do not wish to be contacted, Hollister may contact you with information regarding our products, news, and/or updates.

Updating Your Information
Hollister works to keep your information up to date and accurate. To update your information you can contact us through mail, e-mail, or by telephone.

Reporting Privacy Breeches
If you feel that your privacy has been violated, you can contact your local Hollister office. The matter will be investigated and appropriate actions taken.

Links To Other Sites
The website from Hollister contains links to other sites, and Hollister is not responsible for the privacy practices of these websites or the companies they represent.

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The Secure Start pathway is divided into 4 phases.

1. Pre-operative care

Secure Start's structured programme of patient support enables informed decision making and improved experience of care, potentially reducing hospital stay.

2. In hospital

Secure Start works in collaboration with current acute nursing best practice, providing education and support to facilitate early self care.

3. Returning home

Secure Start provides a structured return home plan, with early home visits and telephone contact. These help prevent potential problems early, eliminating additional cost at source.

4. Living with a stoma

Secure Start's ongoing patient follow up at 3, 6 and 12 months (annually thereafter) helps ensure continued best practice as the patients' needs evolve.