Ostomy Keeping the skin around your stoma healthy

Healthy skin is an important part of a healthy life.

People living with a stoma have shared with us that preventing leaks and helping keep skin around the stoma healthy, are at the top of their list of concerns.

We understand living with a stoma brings unique challenges. Irritated and painful skin around your stoma should not be one of them.

Every time we have contact with you, our Secure StartSM nurses and advisors will ask you about the skin around your stoma (peristomal skin). Peristomal skin health is really important to us. Many people think skin problems are a normal part of living with a stoma, but our goal is to help you maintain healthy peristomal skin from the start.

Skin health is really important to us

An easy way of remembering this is to think about the skin around your stoma being the same as the skin on the opposite side of your abdomen.

Healthy skin is at the heart of it all. When peristomal skin health is compromised, it can lead to leakage, irritation and worry.

Our teams are trained to help you if you experience any irritation around your stoma. Use the list opposite to help maintain healthy skin, and do not hesitate to contact your Secure StartSM nurse or call the advisors if you are experiencing any problems or difficulty.


We offer a wide range of specific educational and lifestyle materials.

These resources include video guides, information booklets, care tips and much more. Please speak with your Secure StartSM advisor, or visit www.hollister.co.uk or www.dansac.co.uk where you will find our wide range of helpful resources.


Please contact us if you are worried about the skin around your stoma.


  • Always clean your skin with warm water
  • Change your pouch system routinely
  • Resize your template regularly
  • Keep your routine simple
  • Inspect your skin every time you change your bag
  • Remove your pouch system carefully
  • Tell your Stoma Care Nurse if you are taking other medication
  • Keep in touch with your Stoma Care Nurse


  • Use soap or other solutions to wash the skin around your stoma
  • Wait for your pouch to leak
  • Add in unnecessary accessories to your stoma care routine
  • Pull your bag off too quickly
  • Ignore any changes in your skin around your stoma, however small
  • Try and manage your stoma care problems alone – please contact your Stoma Care Nurse

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